Handling huge stuff!

Among the machines at Targoncaportal, you will find a large number of lifting machines that can lift even the heaviest loads. Click and choose from our machines with a load capacity of more than 5 tons!


Service packages for every need

Whether you only have a few forklifts or an entire fleet, our personalized service packages will meet your every need. We make sure that the work does not stop!

Forklifts for hire

We can certainly satisfy your temporary lifting machine needs from our huge rental machine fleet. Click and choose from our machines for rent!

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With the service from Targoncaportál Kft. you can reduce the operating and maintenance costs of your lifting machines!

Our four repair and maintenance packages provide services that meet all needs:

  1. Periodic safety inspections
  2. Scheduled maintenance
  3. Full service
  4. On-site service technician

Click to learn more about our services!

Service telephone number: +36 30 529 9588


If you no longer need one of our machines, please contact us! We will inspect the machine, make you an offer and take care of all the paperwork!

Call Us: +36 30 984 7010


Work can’t stop!

We prepare our customers’ lifting machines for the inspection. We are doing all the necessary inspections and maintenance tasks that are needed, and also we are issuing all the required certificates.

In the case of our partners with a larger fleet of machines, we take care the due date of inspections and take over the administration – so it will definitely happen at all times and in order.

Inspection phone number: +36 30 529 9588


We deliver your forklift purchased or rented from us to your site or place of work as required. We undertake the delivery of forklifts up to 24,000 kg with our own truck at favorable prices.

If required, we will provide the right rental forklift and delivery within a day!


Delivery phone number: +36 30 779 7557

Elevating Work Platforms

Do you work at height? Is speed and flexibility important to you? Ask us for a quote for our personal lifting equipment to speed up your work processes!

Whether you are buying new or second-hand equipment, or renting a personal lifting machine, our highly qualified experts will help you choose the right equipment for your needs.


Personal lifts phone number: +36 20 984 7010


Deatiled Search

Our advanced search engine will help you find the answer to every challenge related to lifting machines. Search among our machines that can be bought or rented according to the given criteria!

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