Targoncaportál Kft. was established as a Hungarian-owned enterprise in 2004, and it deals with the specialized trade of lifting and material handling machines. We offer professional solutions for all kinds of material handling tasks, which guarantees efficient warehousing processes and the reduction of operating costs.

Quality, Reliability, Customer Focus

We build on these three values in our work. The lifting machines we sell meet the highest quality requirements, as do our services. We deliver purchased or rented forklifts reliably, on time and without damage to the place of work or between our customers’ sites, according to their needs. Our flexible solutions all serve the purpose of being able to serve all the special needs of our customers.

We believe in the power of personal relationships

We believe that our customers will receive the best service if we assess and understand their situation ourselves. With many years of experience, our staff helps our customers to choose the best solutions, whether it is buying a machine that provides a long-term solution or to quickly and efficiently satisfy suddenly increased material handling needs.


Solutions from A to Z

Our activity is not limited to the rental and sale of forklifts and other lifting machines. We offer our customers a wide range of services, whether it is about one machine or an entire fleet. Of course, the administration related to the machines does not stop at the service, our team also helps to prepare and examine our customers’ machine park for the inspection.

Our transportation service helps to quickly deliver difficult-to-transport lifting machines, and thanks to our banking connections, we can also help our customers with favorable credit schemes.

We hope to welcome you among our customers soon!


Deatiled Search

Our advanced search engine will help you find the answer to every challenge related to lifting machines. Search among our machines that can be bought or rented according to the given criteria!

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