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Among the machines at Targoncaportal, you will find a large number of lifting machines that can lift even the heaviest loads. Click and choose from our machines with a load capacity of more than 5 tons!


Service packages for every need

Whether you only have a few forklifts or an entire fleet, our personalized service packages will meet your every need. We make sure that the work does not stop!

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We can certainly satisfy your temporary lifting machine needs from our huge rental machine fleet. Click and choose from our machines for rent!

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Thanks to the expertise of our service technicians, the diagnostics and servicing of lifting machines, hoists and forklifts are in good hands with us!

If your forklift or personnel lift is damaged, call our service manager, who will offer you the most suitable of our flexible services.

Prevision is very important when servicing lifting machinery, as it can help prevent unexpected failures and helps in reducing operating costs. Therefore, we have created 4 flexible service packages, and these can be adapted to the machine park and needs of our partners.

If you have any questions or need a service that you can’t find in our package offers, please call our service manager

Call us: +36 30 529 9588

1. Periodic safety inspections

In this contract, our service team are going to carry out the periodic safety inspections of the lifting machines required by law. Occasional failures are rectified at pre-determined prices, so we guarantee the continuous, safe operation and legal compliance of forklifts, personnel lifts and other lifting machinery without surprises.


2. Scheduled maintenances

Minimize the chance of accidental faiulres of your forklits and maximize availability. We maintain your machine park according to a pre-defined service cycle, thus ensuring the safe and reliable operation of your lifting machines. With the help of our IT system, the history, repairs and condition of all your machines will be available to us, so our service technicians will always come to your site with accurate knowledge to perform the maintenance of your lifting machines.

3. Full service

Planned costs, high availability.

All tasks are ours! You only use your forklifts and we perform all the maintenance tasks related to them. The great advantage of the service package is that it is flat-rate, so maintenance costs can be calculated and planned, and the machines are always in the best hands thanks to our expert service team.

4. Full service with an on-site service technician

The largest fleets require the greatest security. If you have lots of machines, it is worth employing an on-site service technician for the permanent operation of your fleet, who will thus maintain your lifting machines and forklifts full-time.

The great advantage of the on-site colleague is that his entire fleet is constantly monitored and we can deal with any failures immediately.


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